Monday, January 19, 2009

Wake Up, It's NOT a Dream!

On this the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, it is a more than appropriate time to wake up and realize that Americans came together and elected a truly American President. President-elect Barack Obama will be our leader in Black and White literally. He embraces who he is and whose he is. Maybe he's so cool because he is secure in his identity even as some Americans struggle with his as well as their own. Dr. King dreamed of a day when Black children and White children would be together. Guess what, Mr. Obama truly embodies the vision in every way. The American Dream is unattainable for so many and so many are now having a nightmare from attaining it. Isn't that ironic? It's time to realize that we each should have a dream of giving more than we receive, loving more than we ever thought possible and living like there is no tomorrow in a meaningful way. Dr. King dreamed of equality. At the time, it was a noble cause. In hindsight, the battle should have been for equity since God created all men as equals. Still, Dr. King is a hero, an iconic leader whose legacy should never be forgotten. And on this day, the day before an African American (Kenyan and Kansan) will become the most powerful person in the free world, I pray that Dr. King, Coretta Scott King, Harriet Tubman, the three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi, Linda Brown, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks , the four little girls, the Little Rock Nine,
and so many more can see what America has done. We honor their work today and vow to move on fully awake in order to enjoy the reality of the dream and make a significant contribution to future generations. For what we have been given is truly priceless. Let Freedom Ring! Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

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