Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crash Course

Please check out the work my Harpeth Hall students have done creating
tutorials for different websites.
Use second set of links on right side. The top ones take you to the

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Karlyse said...

Hey Dr. Syb! I'm not really sure where you wanted us to comment about our "Multimedia Madness" experience, so I will just go ahead and do that here...I had an incredible time. Every day, I looked forward to going to the class and just learning and discussing new tools that are "out there." I took away so much, not only about the resources themselves, but also all sorts of lessons. They range from trying new things to grades in general, but all equally important. Actually, in this class, I found myself using Jing as appose to another program for creating our tutorial (the alternative being something I am MUCH more comfortable with). Though I know my final product was definitely not as professionally done in any way shape or form as it could of been (with Word, Powerpoint, etc.), looking back, I am proud that I took advantage of the opportunity to try something new instead of "play it safe." Thank you for that and everything else you taught me. I really appreciated it! Hope to see you soon!
Karlyse Bailey