Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Has Been Made!

Sorry, I could have sworn that I posted this the day of the Inauguration after I wrote it.

Hello Everybody,
Wow, what a day!! I woke up at 5am and headed straight for the shower. We were in a great place strategically (at the beginning of the line) so when we got to the train station a little after 6, we sat right down on the train. We took the train down to Dupont Circle which was beyond the National Mall. Then, we hung out at Dr. Alma's office where I took a power nap and then we walked over to an area beyond the Washington Monument. I've posted some pictures on this blog as well as on my facebook page. We were just fine watching the ceremony on the Jumbotron. Dr. Alma and I leaned up against a row of Port-a-Johns. I know that sounds awful but we were on the back side and I believe they blocked the wind and other people from crowding us in, so it worked. We could see the screen through several trees and that was fine. I also taped some with the Flip Camera, I've uploaded some of the video. People cheered former Presidents Carter and Clinton and jeered the former President Gerge W. Bush. They even broke out in an impromptu, "NA, NA, NA, NA, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye.

People were very nice and very excited. For me, it was rough to watch them mess up the swearing in, but hey, maybe that needs to change a bit too. President Obama (doesn't that sound good) gave a meaningful speech. It wasn't earth shattering but it was solid especially the part about putting away childish things. The expectations were so HIGH that it was impossible for him to surmount them all. He isn't Jesus but many people believe he was sent by Him.

We didn't stay to listen to the entire speech because the crowd was HUGE. So we exited stage right grabbed a something to eat at an Asian restaurant called Raku. I really didn't want it at first because I was thinking about having sweet and sour chicken and they didn't serve that. However, the ginger chicken was very good.

Peace and thanks to everyone for sending me words of encouragement. This journey isn't about me, it really is about all of us. I stood and I didn't get cold until we were walking to lunch. But given the sacrifices of our ancestors, what is one day of sacrifice.

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