Friday, April 8, 2011

Some People to Follow on Twitter for Innovation in Education.


Western Governors University

Stop saying what can't be done. Other people are or will do it. This is a non profit online institution created by Governor's of 13 Western States.

Harvard Innovations in Education Blog

Try to keep up if you dare. Harvard Innovations Blog.


I must publicly thank my partner in innovative educational crime. Monique Wilson and I share resources on a regular basis. We share everything we find. We are crowdsourcing and welcome you to collaborate with us as we combine information technology and education.

Disrupting College

Dr. Clayton Christensen again on what higher education will and my face. This is his report: Disrupting College.

Gaming in School

This school is up and running in New York. It embraces gaming in its curriculum and one of its backers is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Quest 2 Learn.

Leader in Virtual Education

Some people are actually doing what Dr. Clayton Christensen suggests: Disrpting!

Check out the virtual educational offerings from Connections Learning.