Sunday, January 18, 2009

Presidential Inauguration Game Plan

Well, we (Thelma and Louise aka Dr. Syb and Jas) finally went downtown and visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We also walked on the very street that President-Elect Barack Obama will use when he is the President. It was really amazing. And the kicker was that we drove all the way and it really wasn't crowded downtown. On top of that, many restaurants were closed in spite of the increased number of people in town. I just don't understand it. In this economy, I would have definitely maximized the moment. On a side note, it was really cold and we weren't outside for a long time. Hopefully, the masses of people will not just generate energy but also some serious heat on Inauguration Day. One of the back up plans must be to find a restaurant or a church downtown to watch the inauguration if need be. We'll more than likely be in the public areas watching it on the Jumbotron anyway. You can't even bring a thermos. Still, I plan to prevail. Send warm wishes.

Trying to upload some Flip camera video without success. I'll have to try again in the morning.

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