Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Snapper

Well, the first night in the DC area was filling. After waking up at
1:30am on Saturday morning and then driving 11 hours (and yes I drove
all the way), I was a tad more exhausted than I thought. This year
marks 10 years since I earned Ph.D at in Nashville
thanks to God, my family and my mentor Dr. Alma. And Alma and I have
kept in touch ever since. She and her husband suggested this
wonderful restaurant. The Red Snapper filled my belly and the lights
went out. But before my eyes shut, I had my normal conversation with
hurricane Alma (I am just one of the tornadoes she spawned). She had
all of these wonderful articles and President-Obama memorabilia. To
hear her passion, excitement, and commitment to the realization of A
BIG dream was contagious after being up so many hours. More to come.
Please pardon spelling errors etc. I'll be reporting mostly from my
iPhone. It's the lightest, easiest and most realistic way to
communicate in the crowds.

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