Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Digital Media Marketing and Branding

Well, just finished a session on marketing and branding so I'm going to try to summarize my notes quickly because one of the panelists, Jay Victor (Sr. Manager, Corporate Brand Management, The Walt Disney Company has been assigned to our table for a roundtable discussion.

Alright, the moderator for the morning session was Mike Mellon who runs the research department I'll introduce the panelists by their comments.

Patrick Ellis, Director, Marketing, ABC. com noted that part of his job is to make a destination for consumers. Immediately, my internal question was Is it realistic to make any website a destination? It may be a stop on my journey but I really don't plan to necessarily set up a virtual camp anywhere. I also thought back to a point that Jennifer Sizemore, an executive at MSNBC/NBC said when she visited Belmont. Most people will not visit your website through the home page. So that means branding which was a major part of the panel discussion needs to happen on every web page.

Jay is leading a really good discussion about the notion of a brand. He said that Disney, ESPN and ABC are the brands. Disney is the strongest brand makes the most money. ESPN is second economically and in strength. ABC is more of a name than a brand because there isn't a consistent promise attached to it. It is the third in generating revenue.

Ok, I'm multitasking. I'm going to focus on this roundtable and post more in a minute.

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