Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 2 Disney/IRTS Digital Summit Updated Notes

Whew, this has truly been an intensive mental moment in time. I will try to summarize the day's events. We had 4 panel/roundtable sessions and short tour through the New Technology Strategy Group. It was a whirlwind and worth every minute.

So here goes....

In terms of emerging Internet sites to check out, it sounds like ABC's will be work a look. They provide as many tools as they can for the audience to fully enjoy not only their soaps, but celebrities, gossip and even fashion. They treat the site as a partner in the larger multimedia landscape. I don't watch soaps anymore but I will check out the site when I get the chance. Erin Weir, Director, Marketing, ABC Daytime and SoapNet was very impressive discussing the strategy.

The next session was Where Entertainment and Technology Collide:

David Beebe, Director, Video Production, explained that his area started out as two people in the basement. Within three years the operation grew into more than 20 employees. They provide video content for their digital platforms. Short form video is king online. This was an entrepreneurial endeavor fully supported by the corporation. This is what it will take for more traditional companies to integrate and manage disruptive technologies. Read Clayton Christensen's book, The Innovator's Dilemma for more insight. He has several other books including the Innovator's Solution and a new one about Disruptions in the classroom. I'll read that one next.

Disney is working hard on BD Live which will allow kids to interact with the movies they watch. They'll be able to chat with friends, get a video message from their parents and play trivia games for points redeemable for rewards. This formula makes sense for Disney. I guess the younger generation won't mind their shows being interrupted in that way. The BD player will also adjust to reflect the climate of the user in the movie scene.

They are also using a double lens camera to simulate the left and right eye. 3D glasses will be necessary to view those films.

Students need to able to adapt and work across platforms and departments. They need technical as well as social skills.

George Gerba, VP Strategic Initiatives, The Walt Disney Company said that students need to go and do it. They have to get professional experience.

Jeff Miller, President, World-Wide Post Production, Walt Disney, added that who students work for matters a great deal. Getting the right experience he said is a matter of hitching your caboose to the right train.

Alright, I learned so much about the ABC TV show LOST. However, I was lost because I never watched an episode. I'll have to do a separate post on the show because the marketing was AMAZING. I did have a chance to meet one of the shows producers, Damon Lindelof. He was very down to Earth and honest. I asked him why so few African Americans were on the show. He didn't dodge the question. Part of it was story line dictated. He didn't get to finish the answer because time ran out but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. They made certain choices and sacrificed different audiences at different times.

The new technology conversation was the BOMB! With the place shifting Slingbox technology becoming more available and a device being created to link the box to a mobile device. Apple TV has a $199 device to link the Mac to the TV so you can view shows from your computer.

They talked about game consoles really being more than just for games. Sony's Playstation 3 is already a Blue Ray Player allowing physical and media and digital download media. The console is Internet enabled and can be updated. This isn't new information but it's information that needs to be considered in the larger media landscape. What does this mean?

In terms of projecting movies on a wall or screen from your mobile device, keep an eye on PICO projectors from Texas Instruments. The tech team at Disney estimates they are about a year away.

I also saw a very cool Organic LED screen for about $2500, it will be mass marketed within the next 3-5 years. Sony is currently making them.

I've got more but I'm exhausted. Somebody leave a post to encourage me to share more tomorrow.


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jgirton said...

That was a great post. I love sessions like the one you were a part of. It sounds like they were pulling the participants away from where things are to where things are going to be. I've not played with the Slingbox thing, but I've seen some of the applications for it. I really want to try it. The cost is really affordable for testing.