Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 2 Disney/IRTS Digital Summit

We are debriefing about day one of the Summit and my colleague at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Joe Richie just made a salient (relevant) point. He noted how important it is to teach students about the business of news. Ironically, I teach this course in the spring semester of the academic year. My first broadcast job was with the Hearst Corporation at WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time, I had no idea that Hearst owned so many other media properties and that I could possibly work at a sister property some day. No one explained to me that news operations were literally beholden to shareholders. There used to be a greater separation between Church and state, or in this case news and sales. The lines are being erased and the public is suffering as a result.

At any rate, Joe's comment is noteworthy for every working American. Know your industry. Know the key players. Pay attention to the workflow and company's bottom line. Stop operating like a deer in headlights and do the necessary research to know if your company is preparing to move, offshoring or to send work to employees abroad, outsourcing.

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