Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Digital Marketing and Branding Continued

Alright, where was I? Gloria Lee, VP, Affiliate Marketing and Promotions, ABC Television Networks said her job is trying to get the audience to understand the ABC brand. Her job focuses on co-branding the network with the affiliates. In days of old, the network used to pay the affiliates to air their programming. Now that arrangement has shifted so some affiliates are paying the network and the network pays some affiliates. It's yet another way that local affiliates are losing revenue.

For me, some of the most poignant comments came from Amanda Grant, Director, Digital Strategy ABC Entertainment. She talked about tailoring content for particular platforms and that brands are not created equal. She also talked about vision. Her team looks at what doesn't exist and then tries to figure out if it did exist what could they do with it. I called this a sort of visionary vigilante mode. If she had an unlimited budget, she would create true interactivity. For example, she said if you are watching an ABC show and see a great pair of shoes, you can pause the programming, order the shoes through your mobile device and then they would be waiting for you at the counter at your store of choice. Of course, they could be shipped to your door. The point is that she is saying that the circular communication pattern would be content becomes marketing which then becomes advertising which would yield a purchase.

More in a moment.

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