Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Alright, so I don't even eat Skittles, but I'm loving them right now. Last week, Skittles went totally social media and revamped their home page. Now when you visit the site, you get a navigation box in the top left corner. The box is a tad annoying but you can make it smaller by clicking on the negative sign on the top right corner of the box.

When you click on product information, you are sent to the Skittles' Wikipedia page. When you click on media and select video, you are sent to their You Tube page, for friends you get Facebook, for chatter, you get Twitter and for photos to their Flickr page.

In my mind, this strategy is priceless in so many ways. I know some will surely argue that placing company information on Wikipedia is a dicey a proposition. Given the fact that Skittles surely has some of the folks who used to work in public relations monitoring the site, it should be just fine.

Don't get caught up in the criticism. Get caught up in the innovative thinking, the crowdsourcing and the cost effectiveness, not to mention the free publicity they received just for making the change. Yes, they've relinquished control and opened every door for dialogue possible. Now, the public can tell them exactly what they want and the folks at Skittles have an opportunity to answer.

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