Monday, March 2, 2009

From Facebook to Twitter: Who Owns Your Content?

Yes, Facebook reverted back to its original terms of service agreement. Yes, most people realize that what's posted on the Web is public and permanent. Still, there are so many people who just don't have a clue. That's why tonight at 7pm, here at Belmont University in Nashville in the Maddox Grand Atrium in the Curb Center, we'll be discussing the legal issues surrounding online content, intellectual property and more. Local panelists include: Attorney Doug Pierce, King and Ballow; Gene Policinski, Freedom Forum's First Amendment Center, Jason Meriwether, Assistant Dean of Students at Fisk University, Morgan Levy, a Belmont alum and co-founder of the blog, Nashvillest, and New Century Journalism Major, Abby Selden. The panel will be moderated by yours truly, Dr. Syb.

You can participate in person or online on our student blog called the Practicum Pioneers.

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