Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tennessee Titans

Well, the Tennessee Titans' quarterback Vince Young has landed behind
media lines. After a lackluster performance and yet another public
display of emotion, questions are now being raised about his ability
to lead on the field. Of course, it didn't help that he pulled a
disappearing act Sunday night after the game against Jacksonville.
His family was concerned about his mental state and contacted Young's
coach, Jeff Fisher. Fisher called the Metro Police and then the media
got involved. Needless to say, the Nashville media are covering this
story so much that even some sports fans are crying foul. My question
is what is the impact of the media, money and millions of fans on a
young person's quest for success? CBS sports anchor Hope Hines said
in a commentary that Young needs to get some big pants and do the
job. I understand that. I also see yet another young person who needs
mentoring. Why wait until he becomes a statistic and then say woulda,
coulda, shoulda? To connect the political does here, what about Sarah
Palin's daughter who is now in the media spotlight while pregnant?
Follow the logic, the weight of public scrutiny can affect anyone.
What happens when the member's of the media family need mercy.
Telling a story is one thing, exacerbating it is another.

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Drexel said...

Today's media operates on a 24/7 cycle. Gone are the days when the daily newspaper and evening/late-night news were the sole means of following a story.

With the Internet, people are able to access information pertaining to the comings and goings of the world surrounding them anytime they want.

For celebrities such as Vince, this means a world around him that is constantly scrutinizing events and outcomes that he has to deal with on a personal basis.

It's a tough reality to deal with but for individuals under the lens of the media spotlight, unfortunately, this level of hyper-scrutiny comes with the territory of stardom.

Hopefully, Vince has a strong supporting cast around him that will serve as a support system as he goes through the trials and tribulations associated with being a celebrity in today's intense media climate.