Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Media Tools

By the way, I covered the Seigenthaler event with my iPhone and my Flip Camera. I snapped a few photos and uploaded them to this blog immediately during the event. I mounted my Flip Camera on a tripod from Walmart and videotaped several clips. Then, I went back to my office and connected the Flip Camera to my PC and uploaded the video. I know there are many debates about the quality of the new media tools. However, the iPhone photos are respectable and the Flip Camera video is more than You Tube worthy. It's important that we use what we have in our hands. If I have a high quality camera available and sometimes I do, I'll use it. However, when I need to post information quickly, I am going to use the aforementioned tools.

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Matt said...

How'd you like the Flip? I've used it before, and now I'm toying with simply using my LG Dare to shoot video and directly send it to YouTube - trying to get to the point where I can cut out the step where I have to actually go back to my computer and upload the video.