Sunday, September 14, 2008

ONA '08 Ends

Well, the ONA '08 conference has officially ended. Now, the real work continues. What new strategies should one implement? My suggestion is always to try one thing and store the other ideas for later use. I have already joined which I blogged about in my live blogging session on Robert Scoble. I also took the time to update my linkedin profile. So many people get overwhelmed by the very thought of new media technology and tools. This is no longer acceptable. I know I have to read more, play more and really get more adept with new media tools. At least, that's what I encourage others to do.

I have to review my notes, touch base with some friends to get their notes, get some new software, figure out how to help my students get comfortable with some of these concepts and keep on moving because standing still is NOT an option.

Below is one more thing I decided to at least look at this morning. It's a website that allows you to compare concepts and then embed the chart code on your site. It's TwistFlaptor.

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