Thursday, December 18, 2008

So You Want to Teach?

Whether you've always wanted to teach or you've been laid off and need some revenue, many people consider teaching. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

So You Want to Teach?

1. Become a substitute teacher. You will be compensated for your service and build your resume in the process. Just go to the Board of Education in your community. Also, try private schools as well, they are always looking for substitutes as well.

2. Teach at a community college. Community colleges are becoming more and more desirable as the cost of a four year education increases. In addition, more students have to attend community colleges in order to be prepared to transfer into a four year institution. It's a great place to start and possibly to stay.

3. Teach for the University of Phoenix or for some other reputable online institution. Be forewarned there are many higher education scams to avoid. However, landing with a good online institution will give you the experience and exposure that you need.

4. Get your advanced degree. Whether it's a doctorate or a master's degree, secure your higher learning now. You will increase your competitive edge, three thousand fold. Further, be sure to ask about graduate assistantships. Some institutions will provide a stipend and cover your tuition as well. ASK questions, this is really relevant if you happen to be a journalist reading these tips.

5. Guest lecture in the classroom of colleagues. This is yet another excellent way to test the waters and to build your resume.

6. Become an adjunct professor. Some of you have enough mettle to just take the plunge and apply for teaching positions at your local universities. An adjunct is a part time professor. You probably will not receive any benefits but again, you are building your academic credentials.

7. If you can't lecture, just sit in on some college classes. Get used to the environment.

8. Search the web for course syllabi. Find out what the professors are teaching and design your own course to pitch to a potential employer. Who knows you may create a disruptive technology, ala Clayton Christensen.

9. Read, read, read and dare I say, read. If you haven't read The World is Flat, The Long Tail, The Tipping Point, The Age of Access and countless other books, now is the time to feed and expand your mind. The information will prove to be priceless in interviews as well as course design.

10. Learn multimedia skills. This will set you apart from most of your competition. Subscribe to or to the Knight Digital Media Center.

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