Monday, December 15, 2008

Kiss the Thirties Goodbye!

Today, I am celebrating 40 years of life. In the broadcast world, this age is very dangerous for many women. If one looks her age, she is replaced by someone who doesn't. In the professional world, 40 is the age when lawyers say that age discrimination begins. She is replaced by less expensive employees. In the home, sometimes spouses will seek out two 20s to replace the seasoned woman. Too bad they don't realize that they may get two 20s and neither one my cook or clean. Some even say 40 is middle age and the over the hill mark. I say it's a wonderful, liberating, wisdom filled moment in time and I am so grateful just to still be here.

My attire represents the era when I came of age the 1980s. It was a really good time. We didn't worry about school shootings or being overdosed on ritalin. Our parents tried to or threatened to kill us and we believed them. Michael Jackson had only had one or two nose jobs. Cyndi Lauper was all about girls having fun and Right On! magazine was all the rage. I remember playing softball, volleyball, lemon twist, attempting to play double dutch (I was a double handed rope turner, so that meant you didn't get to jump), going to church because I wanted to, listening to Stacy Lattisaw find Love on a two way street and so much more.

With the economy tanking, I realize that we are Living in a Material World, but I'm grateful that I'm not a Material Girl. I am so grateful for my family, friends and loved ones and they are the best birthday present of all. Peace.

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MLCdolfin said...

That outfit brought back some serious memories. It looks like one of our old rap outfits. Remember when we were the Lady Rappateers. :) LOL! Lady Ice, Lady Love and Lady Lust.