Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Newspapers ROCK!!!

Today of all days, every newspaper in the country should celebrate. After such an historic event, thousands if not millions of people want a newspaper. Take advantage of this opporutnity and showcase your deep investigative pieces, your archives and your research. Make sure your website is updated all day long especially today. Link to other resources, you will not be the only destination for the majority of users.

I called my parents to tell them to save the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune so that we can frame them. An enterprising news organization will sell the framed front pages. They'll sell mugs, t-shirts, hats and compete with other entrepreneurs. However, the newspapers have what the unknowns do not, they have a brand.

As another business strategy, newspaper execs need to think monetization as well as customization. How can we personalize this opportunity? How can we help more people think about us when they need the initial, original content that everyone else comments on after the fact?


AJ said...

Ask them to save two copies if they can.

Your cousin,


Question In Life said...

Was it just me or were the Tennessean newspapers bigger than they normally are? It the beginning on the history books being changed. This is Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech turing in to action. I will be proud to tell my kids (when I have some) that they can be anything in life including president. Thanks for writing on this subject.