Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NowPublic Blog

So a few weeks ago I posted a Nashville Gas Shortage photo using my iPhone. Then, I started using my Flickr account.

Well, turns out a citizen journalism operation called Now Public searches the web for stories.

As a result, they asked me if they could use my photo and whether I could add some commentary. I did so here's my first Now Public report. The site is similar to the very successful Oh My News site in Korea.

Yes, I am apprehensive. I am a reporter who is used to getting compensated for reporting. However, my personal business model and strategy are changing. I am now a speaker and multimedia consultant who shares information as well as strategic plans to help others capitalize on the new media tools. In addition, I am working on other ways to monetize my wares. Stay tuned. The world is changing and so am I.

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