Wednesday, February 11, 2009

dr. syb says....failure is not an option!

Well, today I'm talking about the fear of failure. And a very special thanks to my co-worker, Bonnie for framing my shot and recording the video. She saved me time since I don't have to edit. Mind you, I NEED to learn how to edit again. Every time I learn, I don't do it enough to keep the skill. Guess I need to meet my fear of failure head on. Keep the comments coming. THANKS!


Lyn said...

Love it, Syb! Here's my request for a future segment - how be relevant in a "twitter" world. What should novices know before they dive in? Thanks for the info - keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I'm using you and your Multimedia Maven in my classes.
Here's my request for a future segment - what are the rules about using face book pics for news stories?
Beth in Chicago