Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Age of Access

In Jeremy Rifkin's book, The Age of Access he argues that everything will eventually boil down to access in the virtual world. Right now, only one-fifth of the world's population has Internet access. In addition, the number of companies that own the media channels is shrinking. In other words, the ownership is being concentrated in the hands of a few very wealthy players. Globally, one of the mulitmedia players to watch is Rupert Murdoch.

Rifkin talks about how the "lived experience" is worth more than real estate. Indeed, when the book was published in 2000, Rifkin basically predicted that the market for property would crash. Think about it, jobs are unstable and people are moving more and more. As a result, apartments, condos and townhomes are ideal for a more transient workforce. Rifkin said that leasing and renting would become more desirable because it would give the consumer more choices. In other words, they can have a new car every three months when leasing.

I'll let you deal with that for the moment and I'll write more later.

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